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Planning the trip of lifetime, honeymoon tips
Planning the trip of lifetime, honeymoon tips

A honeymoon is a great way to continue celebrating your marriage and start your life together as a couple! This is the holiday you have been looking forward to, after months of wedding planning and preparation. While some couples choose to postpone their honeymoon, I encourage couples to start planning it as soon as they start planning their weddings, and spend their honeymoon right after the wedding.

Planning for where to go:

The number of honeymoon destinations is endless. What type of place do you desire to visit? Does the exotic island suit your imagination, or is it a delicious cup of tea to spend a week skiing in the mountains? Or how about a cruise to the Caribbean Sea? Write down the places you have always wanted to go and decide where to match your future husband’s lists! When you think of locations, keep in mind the season maybe you want to consider a Caribbean escape at the height of hurricane season!


Planning the trip of lifetime, honeymoon tips
Planning the trip of lifetime, honeymoon tips


Planning for what you want:

Do you want a week full of fun and adventure or a quiet, relaxing, and rejuvenating holiday? Or a bit of both? Once you have narrowed down your destinations, you need to discover what activities are available to you there.

When should I start?

Just as there is a schedule for planning a wedding, there is also a timeline for planning a honeymoon! So these timelines must be combined with each other.

Practical advice:

Set a budget for your honeymoon. This should be included in your general wedding budget.

If you are traveling internationally and do not have a passport, get it now!

Consider buying travel insurance. Because packages can cover things like flight cancellation and baggage delay. Like wedding insurance, travel insurance can give you quietly of mind and defend you from the unpredicted.

If you plan to spend frequent flyer miles, start plan early. Note any faint dates that may be appropriate.

Use an honest travel agency to plan your honeymoon. Travel agencies that specialize in honeymooners are the best because they have established relationships with resorts and destinations and can sometimes give you special advice and even good extras.

Management experience:

Brenna Taylor has been planning weddings, particular events, and conferences for numerous years. She combines her love of event plans, especially weddings. Because with nearly 18 years of project management experience to help clients plan important events in their lives.


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Luggage packing for honeymoon
Luggage packing for honeymoon

As if the marriage isn’t sexy enough, you also have the honeymoon to look forward to! Wherever you go, you want to be packed and ready early on your wedding day / departure date to reduce stress and obsessive fluttering around the venue! Do a decent study of your destination so you know what to expect in terms of climate and what documentation and / or vaccination you need. Make sure your passport is up to date, your tickets for the right day, and all the horrible mistakes we all fear! So what luggage do you need to pack for your honeymoon? Here is a list of tips and tricks that you can customize according to where you head.


Luggage packing for honeymoon
Luggage packing for honeymoon


First Aid Kit luggage packing:

Medicines / First Aid Kit – Avoid common disruptions while on vacation by packing water purification tablets, rehydration bags, and plenty of antibacterial patches and fabrics (it’s also worth reviewing general information about local healthcare and whether your insurance covers accidents and illnesses).

Travel insurance document luggage:

Insurance – a serious matter. Most one-time travel insurances only cost £ 10-30, but they can save you a great deal of anxiety and money if something goes wrong. In Europe, you can also use a European health insurance card that helps with accidents or illnesses while you are away.

Camera and phone charger:

 Camera – Prepare your memory card before you go, so you have plenty of room for all these memories, and don’t forget the batteries / charger!

Phone Charger – It’s always reassuring to know that you have a connection at all times.

Emergency numbers:

Emergency Numbers / Travel Guide – Keep a copy of local police and ambulance numbers and hotel contact information in your bag. Explore major local attractions, and go online to find some special gems that may not be mentioned in the travel guide.

Travel clothes:

 Travel laundry soap if you need to wash a little in the bathroom sink!

Avoid wearing clothes that only need pressure to make life easier. Although if you need a quick frizz-free solution, hanging your clothes in the bathroom while the shower is running hot can evaporate most of your curls and fold out. Your hotel can also offer press service.

Roll the clothes rather than fold them, and pack things like underwear and socks inside the shoe to save space. Wrap sensitive items such as cameras and electronic devices in heavier clothing and place them in the center of the bag. Don’t forget clothes / shoes / ties if you are planning a delicious dinner or if you eat anywhere with a dress code.

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