Luggage packing for honeymoon

As if the marriage isn’t sexy enough, you also have the honeymoon to look forward to! Wherever you go, you want to be packed and ready early on your wedding day / departure date to reduce stress and obsessive fluttering around the venue! Do a decent study of your destination so you know what to expect in terms of climate and what documentation and / or vaccination you need. Make sure your passport is up to date, your tickets for the right day, and all the horrible mistakes we all fear! So what luggage do you need to pack for your honeymoon? Here is a list of tips and tricks that you can customize according to where you head.


Luggage packing for honeymoon
Luggage packing for honeymoon


First Aid Kit luggage packing:

Medicines / First Aid Kit – Avoid common disruptions while on vacation by packing water purification tablets, rehydration bags, and plenty of antibacterial patches and fabrics (it’s also worth reviewing general information about local healthcare and whether your insurance covers accidents and illnesses).

Travel insurance document luggage:

Insurance – a serious matter. Most one-time travel insurances only cost £ 10-30, but they can save you a great deal of anxiety and money if something goes wrong. In Europe, you can also use a European health insurance card that helps with accidents or illnesses while you are away.

Camera and phone charger:

 Camera – Prepare your memory card before you go, so you have plenty of room for all these memories, and don’t forget the batteries / charger!

Phone Charger – It’s always reassuring to know that you have a connection at all times.

Emergency numbers:

Emergency Numbers / Travel Guide – Keep a copy of local police and ambulance numbers and hotel contact information in your bag. Explore major local attractions, and go online to find some special gems that may not be mentioned in the travel guide.

Travel clothes:

 Travel laundry soap if you need to wash a little in the bathroom sink!

Avoid wearing clothes that only need pressure to make life easier. Although if you need a quick frizz-free solution, hanging your clothes in the bathroom while the shower is running hot can evaporate most of your curls and fold out. Your hotel can also offer press service.

Roll the clothes rather than fold them, and pack things like underwear and socks inside the shoe to save space. Wrap sensitive items such as cameras and electronic devices in heavier clothing and place them in the center of the bag. Don’t forget clothes / shoes / ties if you are planning a delicious dinner or if you eat anywhere with a dress code.

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