British Columbia different spots for honeymoons

The memories of British Columbia, Canada are what my dad took us on camping trips around the province. He used to say that beautiful BC. Was everything – sea, mountains, old trees, fresh air – so why bother staying indoors? Even on the coldest summer days and wetter autumn weekends. We pitch our tent somewhere by the water and toast to the family dinner in the desert.


British Columbia different spots for honeymoons
British Columbia different spots for honeymoons


British Columbia weather:

While the weather in this rainforest can be challenging during the fall, winter and spring months, whatever the season. British Columbia is a charming county for honeymoons at any time of the year. Hiking through beautiful mountains with rain spraying on your hair and huge conifers curling over you like protective giants, making falls a good time to walk. During the winter months, you can ski on some of the world’s best slopes and then enjoy yourself in front of the fire in the cabin. Spring means shopping in the market and shops in the city and ample sales of some of the best new local designers.

Autumn Vacation in British Columbia:

The leaves do not shed much because the conifers along the streets and covering the mountains hold their needles all year round. You will breathe into its coniferous tree on a crisp autumn day as you stroll through the beautiful gardens along the ocean to the Sky Highway. Shannon Falls is a lovely location for an easy walk followed by a stroll by the waterfall. Or head north a little further into Squamish for a hike to the infamous Big Chief.

Winter Honeymoon in British Columbia:

 Choose what suits you from mountain resorts. There is, of course, a Whistler-Blackcomb. There is also Cypress Park, Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour, Big White, Kicking Horse, Sun Peaks, Silver Star the list goes on and on. These are some of the best slopes for skiing or snowboarding worldwide. On Vancouver Island, you can do yourself a favor by checking out Mount Washington for its fresh powder. Then staying at some of the best spas in the Victoria area.

Spring honeymoon:

 If you are the cosmopolitan type, there is definitely something for you in the city. Vancouver is an international coastal city, and the views of the ships and harbor at night are romantic visions. Dine at a waterfront restaurant and watch the sunset over the sparkling water.  Or spend an afternoon hiking around Granville Island – not an island at all. ; It is an attractive market in the heart of the city. Shop at local craft stores, dine at delicious fish restaurants and try delicious drinks at the local Granville Island Brewery Company. Do you like shopping? You do not have to walk near the crowded malls.

Summer honeymoon:

 Summer in BC is fun if you do. July, August and September are the warmest and driest months in this rainforest. The perfect weather to enjoy the various water sports that the province has to offer. You can do any of the above if you want – yes, even mountain skiing! But why not check out the infamous “Broken Islands” around the west coast of Vancouver Islands to get a kayak or kayak? Or hop around the Gulf Islands, all of which are conveniently connected to British Columbia.

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