Honeymoon Adventure

The loudening to anyone’s wedding is enormous. We all converse about how we want it to be the most particular day of our lives. But the actuality of it is that little of us actually get to like the day. Our nerves are blast hoping that everything goes properly and after the ceremony. You basically cannot get one second alone with your new partner. However, the honeymoon is a totally particular story!

Watching wedding video before honeymoon:

While I can evidently memorize my wedding day itself. Because many of the proceedings that happened that day are a whole blur. We still watch the wedding video and seem at every other as though we are seeing things for the especially first time. By the time the response was over, we were both looking further to our honeymoon. I knew it was going to be particular, but I could never have dreamed of the trip we were capable to have.


Honeymoon Adventure
Honeymoon Adventure

Local Honeymoon planning:

Instead of spending a batch of money flying overseas. So we decided to stay local and see as much of the country as we could over a two-week era. Living on the East Coast, we figured the perfect place to start was South Beach in Miami. We stayed at a beachfront hotel in the middle of town and it was the great preference.

First week of Honeymoon:

In all, we exhausted two days in South Beach, and then it was off to Arizona. We had three nights collectively at the MII Ammo Spa. If we had known how fantastic this resort would be, we possibly would have spent a week there. Among the relaxing massage and general “us” time. We could not have asked for a superior way to start our lives collectively. It seemed to be the ideal break among the fast-paced time of our wedding, Miami and our next stop.  We traveled all over California, staying typically at bed and breakfast seats. However, do not let the term fool you, as most of these establishments would put four-star hotels to shame. Every vineyard offered a tasting, and we sometimes stayed for lunch.

Last day of Honeymoon:

Our last day came far excessively soon, and our tour across the country unluckily ended with a trip back East. The saving grace of having to go home was the initial class seats the airline clerk upgraded us to when she initiate out we were honeymooners.

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