Romantic honeymoon top five places in the world

Right after the wedding, the one thing couples definitely look forward to is their honeymoon at last. This is when the newlyweds will be able to spend some time enjoying the fact that they are finally husband and wife. So all the wedding stress is finally over. In short, it really is. Here are some of the most desirable places to go when it comes to spending a romantic honeymoon right after the wedding.

A romantic honeymoon in Hawaii:

 Nothing beats the rich tropical and cultural heritage of Hawaii. There are many activities you can do there – from surfing to learning to dance on the hula or just enjoying the rich historical background that surrounds the island. Hawaii is the perfect place to unwind if you and your significant other are beach fans.


Romantic honeymoon top five places in the world
Romantic honeymoon top five places in the world


A romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean:

 Everyone dreams of going to the Caribbean and no, this is not exactly a country or a city. The Caribbean is actually a group of countries and small islands located along the coast of South America. When the word “C” is omitted, the usual places marked are Bahamas, Jamaica, to name a few. Here you can enjoy a romantic evening together. So there is no time to waste, even when the sun finally sets.

Romantic honeymoon in Europe:

 Where else would it be better to go romantically to Europe? If you want to experience the beautiful classic delights of romance, Italy and France should definitely be your priority. With the rich culture that Italy has in addition to the extremely delicious food. So you will discover that there is a lot to experience together in this luxurious country. And of course, the French love affair will definitely make you and your partner fall in love as you wander around Paris enjoying the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a cultural excursion at the Louvre.


There is never a dull moment in Florida and it really lives up to the fact that it is one of the tourist destinations in the world. First, there is Disneyland, which you can visit as well as many other historic sites that you can discover. You’ll also have some kind of family fun in Florida because the tourists who travel there usually bring kids with them. The weather is always perfect with its warm and calm tropical breeze.


Discover wonderful beaches, cultures, wonderful restaurants, and ancient traditions in the crucible of civilization – Asia. There are many countries that you can visit and the best part is that the cost here is lower compared to most of the other honeymooners mentioned. You can also meet many unforgettable people while traveling in Asia and learn about amazing languages ​​while talking to locals.


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