Memorable honeymoon for those that have big bucks

The rich and famous are known to spend some terrible honeymooners. So we take a quick look at the most expensive memorable honeymoon you can do. If you can’t afford the trip, that’s fine – after all, not everyone can afford to buy a private island or theme park.

Memorable honeymoon in Necker Island:

Who wouldn’t want to spend their honeymoon in a private space? A private beach, and enjoy everything on a privately owned island? This is what you get when you spend your honeymoon at the exclusive Richard Branson Necker Island Resort. While there, you can also rent a custom submarine, go on a whale-watching safari on a private boat. So enjoy the currents while watching the luxurious sunset on a private white sandy beach. You can even explore the entire island and see some exclusive wildlife if you wish. And just think – all of this can be yours for only $ 51,000 each a night.


Memorable honeymoon for those that have big bucks
Memorable honeymoon for those that have big bucks


Memorable honeymoon in Isla de sa Ferradura:

If you are looking for true tropical seclusion for your honeymoon, then you need a trip to Isla de sa Ferradura. Located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. Because you have access to 14 hectares of paradise, including a waterfall and a system of private caves. Oh – and once you go to the caves, be sure to take advantage of the island spa set up inside these caves so you can pamper yourself with true natural luxury. When you’re done exploring with your partner, relax with full access to a modern wine bar, Bodega, and your very own poolside venue. And just think, you get all of this for just under $ 33,000 each. Night – But you have to book an entire week at a time. So plan to pay a minimum of $ 230,000 for your vacation.

Nygard Kay:

If you are looking for extreme extravagance on your honeymoon, take it to the Bahamas and make your stay in Nygard Cay. Inspired by Peter Nygard, who wanted a playground to call his home. Because you can spend your Robinson Crusoe-style wedding anniversaries without looking for supplies.


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