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Honeymoon tips, things we perform on our honeymoon
Honeymoon tips, things we perform on our honeymoon

A lot of thought and planning is put into the wedding itself, but a honeymoon can take roughly the same amount. Depending on the amount of time the bride and groom spend on their honeymoon. So it can range from a weekend to a week or more. If both of you or one of you are an employee. Because there may be time for the weekend only now and maybe a week on your first anniversary. If it’s only the weekend, it won’t go far, so you have as much time to spend it together as possible. So here are some honeymoon tips and things we perform on our honeymoon.

Honeymoon tips about different ideas:

A good idea for a short honeymoon is to find a weekend bed and breakfast, or weather permitting. A cottage or hotel near the beach for a little romance like a moonlight stroll in the sand.


Honeymoon tips, things we perform on our honeymoon
Honeymoon tips, things we perform on our honeymoon


Honeymoon Tips:

A bed and breakfast is a great option whether you have a weekend or longer. There are bed and breakfast castles in several states that are decorated with antique items and they can definitely make your stay feel like royal. Some even have themes like the one in Minnesota that features mysterious murders dinners and dinner cruises on a local lake.

Honeymoon  tips for the budget:

 If you have your budget, there are many historic American B & Bs that have a stand-alone purchase for a second for free. These are located throughout the United States and are among some of the most beautiful and attractive places to stay.

Romantic Honeymoon Choices:

A cruise is one of the most romantic honeymooners. But if that is your choice, keep in mind that the hurricane season starts on June 1st and lasts through November 30, and while you may get cheaper rates. So it is time to be very careful about the weather. This doesn’t mean you can’t go in and have fun, it just helps with attention. Responding to this possibility, many resort areas opt for hurricane guarantees.

Honeymoon Cabins:

If you and your spouse are the outdoorsy types, a honeymoon or state park rental cabins can be very romantic. State parks are easy because every state has them. Many of them actually have honeymoon cabins with whirlpool tubs. There is a public park in Arkansas where you can hunt diamonds and store whatever you find.

Where to go:

Of course, if money isn’t your thing and you have plenty of time, there are flights to Paris, Greece or Switzerland. All of these and more are honeymoon destinations for those who don’t have a budget. No matter where you go or how long you’ve spent, the end result is the same. This is the time to start your life together as husband and wife.


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Memorable honeymoon for those that have big bucks
Memorable honeymoon for those that have big bucks

The rich and famous are known to spend some terrible honeymooners. So we take a quick look at the most expensive memorable honeymoon you can do. If you can’t afford the trip, that’s fine – after all, not everyone can afford to buy a private island or theme park.

Memorable honeymoon in Necker Island:

Who wouldn’t want to spend their honeymoon in a private space? A private beach, and enjoy everything on a privately owned island? This is what you get when you spend your honeymoon at the exclusive Richard Branson Necker Island Resort. While there, you can also rent a custom submarine, go on a whale-watching safari on a private boat. So enjoy the currents while watching the luxurious sunset on a private white sandy beach. You can even explore the entire island and see some exclusive wildlife if you wish. And just think – all of this can be yours for only $ 51,000 each a night.


Memorable honeymoon for those that have big bucks
Memorable honeymoon for those that have big bucks


Memorable honeymoon in Isla de sa Ferradura:

If you are looking for true tropical seclusion for your honeymoon, then you need a trip to Isla de sa Ferradura. Located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. Because you have access to 14 hectares of paradise, including a waterfall and a system of private caves. Oh – and once you go to the caves, be sure to take advantage of the island spa set up inside these caves so you can pamper yourself with true natural luxury. When you’re done exploring with your partner, relax with full access to a modern wine bar, Bodega, and your very own poolside venue. And just think, you get all of this for just under $ 33,000 each. Night – But you have to book an entire week at a time. So plan to pay a minimum of $ 230,000 for your vacation.

Nygard Kay:

If you are looking for extreme extravagance on your honeymoon, take it to the Bahamas and make your stay in Nygard Cay. Inspired by Peter Nygard, who wanted a playground to call his home. Because you can spend your Robinson Crusoe-style wedding anniversaries without looking for supplies.


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Winter honeymoon destinations around the world
Winter honeymoon destinations around the world

Winter weddings can be very romantic. Just think of it with snow, warm heaters, and winter beauty. It’s the perfect season to tie the knot. The best part is that winter honeymoon is the perfect getaway to some of the snow-covered destinations in the world, cuddling in front of a fire with mugs of hot chocolate or playing in the snow as children. And because it also happens to be Christmas time, it is a place for a romantic honeymoon with golden candles at a European castle or hotel hidden in the mountains. Feed each of the cranberries, apricots, and cherries.

Winter Honeymoon in Canada:

Explore one of Canada’s snow-capped mountains. The Rockies and Laurentians are an ideal winter sports spot. Ski at one of the many ski resorts and enjoy the natural terrain and snow. Whether you are a serious skater or just a beginner, there is definitely something waiting for you and your treasure.

Here are other European destinations you can explore on your winter honeymoon.

Winter honeymoon destinations around the world
Winter honeymoon destinations around the world

Winter Honeymoon in Kitzbuhel, Austria:

Kitzbühel, Austria. An alpine town that is ideal for skiing. Kitzbühel has cabins complete with ponds, first-class cross-country trails and steep slopes, and perfect nightlife.

Winter honeymoon in St. Moritz, Switzerland:

Apart from the mountain slopes, which are perfect for snow-covered activities, there is also the après-ski edge, a coffee with liqueur shots that you will definitely not want to miss during your visit, dining at La Marmite and of course shopping in Armani and Cartier. For an evening party, there is Badrutt’s Palace and a tour of the small buildings connected by underground footbridges at Chesa Guardalej.

Winter Honeymoon Courchevel, France:

Part of a chain of villages in the Trois Valleys region connected by cable car, this is a great way to ski and party during your honeymoon. You can sunbathe on the Riviera at the summer resort here – and in the winter all the time.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy:

Good food, good wines, and good slopes. What more could you ask for? Snowboarders – both amateur and advanced – will enjoy what this place has to offer, not to mention the dedicated cross-country trails. The local restaurants serve you a filling of homemade pasta and there is a dance in the discos at night.

Dolomite Mountains:

The Dolomites are home to the sophisticated and elegant city of Cortina d’Ampezzo. The slopes are a paradise for both advanced and intermediate skiers, and there are trails for cross-country skiers. The restaurants cater to them with a taste of homemade pasta and risotto. There are discos, but eating outside is enough nightlife for most people.

Lillehammer, Norway:

Probably the place of origin for skiing and slalom, Lillehammer Norway offers slopes, slopes, and more slopes. With over 200 miles of cross-country trails and ski slopes – all lit by torches – it’s a great way to spend skiing with your loved one. If you have not skied, you can look at the world’s oldest skis on display at the Ski Museum in the capital Oslo.

There is beautiful to spend a white Christmas, a white wedding, and a white honeymoon.

Destination tips

USA Honeymoon, the Honeymooner’s paradise
USA Honeymoon, the Honeymooner’s paradise

There is no shortage of honeymoons in the USA. Offering a wide range of internationally recognized tourist destinations along with excellent accommodation facilities. Because the United States is the best place to enjoy the happiness of marriage. The United States, a honeymoon paradise, offers exclusive honeymoon suites. So the honeymoon suites in luxury hotels from various tourist destinations guarantee a perfect honeymoon for the newlyweds. Because it is very difficult to find out a few honeymoon destinations in the United States. However, some of the best honeymoons in the United States are worth visiting to celebrate the marriage bond, Hawaii, New York, Florida, California, Las Vegas, etc.

Hawaii and USA:

The romantic Hawaiian Islands can give your marriage a great start. Because Hawaii has hidden coves and picturesque beaches. So it ranks among the largest tourist destinations in the United States. Stunning natural wonders along with exotic beaches and bustling nightlife make up the essence of Hawaii. Thanks to the perfect Hawaiian weather, it remains an ideal honeymoon all year round.


USA Honeymoon, the Honeymooner’s paradise
USA Honeymoon, the Honeymooner’s paradise

New York in the United States of America:

New York is the city of dreams that can be an ideal destination for honeymoons. From the lush greenery of iconic Central Park to the iconic Statue of Liberty, New York has a variety of tourist destinations to offer. So the newly romantic couple can take an evening stroll through Central Park and even wander along Times Square at night. Again, a honeymoon couple can visit Niagara Falls, a seven-hour drive from New York.

Florida in the USA:

Florida has a lot to offer from theme parks to beaches. Located in Florida, the famous Miami Beach is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate honeymoon couples. Again Orlando, Florida is visited by many honeymooners due to the presence of theme parks like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, etc.


California’s romantic bay area offers the perfect honeymoon destination for a great time. One can venture to California cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Because This will definitely make honeymoon enchanted thanks to the many different entertainment options.

Las Vegas:

Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the United States, is located in Nevada and is also the perfect place to get married. The distinctive nightlife of Las Vegas with discos, bars, casinos, clubs, and upscale restaurants gets tourists talking about more. So you get delicious dishes from different countries at luxury restaurants in Las Vegas. In addition, the folk shows and performances staged in the various theaters of Las Vegas hotels are of international standards and appreciated by the tourists.

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Honeymoons, the great spirit of a true honeymooner
Honeymoons, the great spirit of a true honeymooner

Honeymoon is basically a part of wedding events. Aside from exchanging wedding vows, the honeymoons should be a memorable and lifelong event for the newlyweds. To make it an unforgettable and lasting event, the necessary preparations like those made at weddings are just as important. There are a thousand and one ways to spend your honeymoon beyond the destinations you spend on. But there are certain aspects that are important for choosing honeymoon destinations and themes.

Honeymoons destination:

Before choosing a destination, newlyweds must take into account each other’s preferences and objections. Since marriage includes consideration of the individual’s unique and individual personality. The choice of destination as well as activities must match both the party’s personal preferences in order for them to enjoy doing these activities together. So which is the true essence of their honeymoon.


Honeymoons, the great spirit of a true honeymooner
Honeymoons, the great spirit of a true honeymooner


Different honeymoons activities:

For those seeking a quiet, private, secluded and peaceful setting. The unspoiled silence of a mountain resort is the best option. The couple can take part in various leisure activities while communicating with the stunning beauty of nature through activities such as hiking, trekking and camping. Enjoying competitive fun will definitely strengthen the bond of marriage. A number of national parks have e.g. Campsites equipped with predetermined camping facilities and activities for campers for a good camping experience. The simplicity of rural life will surely make one embrace the much needed warmth apart at night.

Different honeymoons beaches:

If they both enjoy sunshine and fun in the water, the beach’s quiet, pristine white beach suburbs are perfect for water sports activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and island hopping. If money is not out of the question, the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, the Bahamas, Maldives and more will guarantee a fun honeymoon experience for water lovers. In addition, resorts offer the most delicious delicacies that honeymooners can enjoy on their tongue. Not to mention the local wine that will definitely relieve stress and inhibitions after the wedding.

Romantic places:

For those who enjoy romance but cannot live in the absence of modern conveniences, technology and bustle of city life. Because it is a very exciting idea to go to romantic places like Europe, especially France and Italy, where love will flourish. Italy, the undisputed land of Amore, is a classic place that promotes romance while providing great modern facilities for a luxurious honeymoon.

Love and honor:

Just because you and your new husband or wife do not have an unlimited source of money to flutter on a great honeymoon does not mean that you cannot have the amazing honeymoon you want. The key to an unforgettable honeymoon is to do activities together that you both enjoy. Whether you spend this time camping in the back of your home or in a five-star hotel in Asia. Sharing a common denominator  a commitment to love and honor each other  matters.


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Malaysia top Honeymoon Destinations for Honeymooners
Malaysia top Honeymoon Destinations for Honeymooners

Honeymoon trends have changed among flight attendants over the years. Accommodation in European castles and tropical islands in the Caribbean is a thing of the past. Today, couples are looking for new ways to celebrate their wedding as well as new destinations. You cannot go wrong with looking at Malaysia as a honeymoon destination because of the current strength of the US dollar against ringgit and the many beautiful places in the country to choose from. Whatever your taste, here are the ten best honeymoons in Malaysia.

Pangkor Laut, Perak, Malaysia:

I almost cried when I saw how beautiful God created this paradise. So said the world-famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti from Pangkor Laut, who performed at the opening of the island’s exclusive resort in 1994. The island’s Emerald Bay with its stunning sand and water is a pure paradise for couples to swim and sunbathe.


Malaysia top Honeymoon Destinations for Honeymooners
Malaysia top Honeymoon Destinations for Honeymooners


Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia:

In 1970, the magazine ranked Tioman as one of the ten best desert islands in the world. Tioman is a volcanic outskirts area with several settlements and has really amazing landscapes. Lush jungles sneak from the central mountain to sandy beaches with white coral reefs hugging the shores, while in the south, the two peaks of Nink Si Mokot and Batu Serrao rise in the clouds. For a soft adventure, take a beach promenade across the islands from Tekek to Juara on the east coast. Tioman is also a great diving and snorkeling destination, and there are PADI dive centers at many of the hotels.  But for a romantic evening, enjoy a seafood dinner at one of the beach restaurants under Casuarinas in the villages.

Langkawi Island, Keda, Malaysia:

On the legendary island of Langkawi, there are many areas where lovers can find the ultimate in tranquility and privacy. There are two favorite areas for honeymoon: Datai Bay and Tantong Ru. The former is located in the northwest corner of Langkawi and is home to two sophisticated resorts filled with luxury, such as spas and volcanic mountain decor. There are exclusive beaches for guests, and from the hotel’s balcony, newlyweds can enjoy the stunning views of the jewel-like sea towards Thailand. So twenty kilometers away, Tantung Rhu lies in a bay of white sand protected by a rocky outcrop. It provides many romantic places for couples to enjoy.

Batu Ferringhi, Penang:

Batu Ferringhi, on the north Coast of Penang Island, is a classic honeymoon. The name means “foreign rock” and refers to visits by important figures in historical times. Today, honeymooners can choose between groundbreaking resorts, an action-packed nightlife or exciting water sports along this beautiful and lively beach. On a clear day you can see a rocky mountain called Lovers’ Island. When the sun goes down, you can enjoy a delicious ikan-bakar (grilled fish) dinner at the open-air restaurants or pick up some trinkets from the busy sidewalk bazaar. Because for sightseeing, take an unforgettable stroll through the maze of alleys and tensions of Georgetown’s Old Quarter, where history comes out of every nook and cranny.

Cameron Highlands, Pahang:

For the outdoor couple, Cameron Highlands is an excellent destination for a peaceful and relaxing honeymoon. So the leading resort of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is located between 4,900-5,900 meters above sea level in the rugged Titiwangsa mountain range. Romantic places are plentiful. Walk around the rose garden or nurseries with colorful flowers. Feed the one you love fresh strawberries! Enjoy scones and hot tea overlooking the steep slopes of the tea plantations. Because easy-to-walk trails branch off into the hills near Tanah Rata, the largest city, to allow for bird watching.


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Best honeymoon destinations in the world
Best honeymoon destinations in the world

After the wedding, many couples choose to spend their honeymoon. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the ideal place to spend the first few days (or weeks) as a husband and wife. Let’s take a look at some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world and you decide!

Best honeymoon destinations in Hawaii:

This destination is ideal for newlyweds who want to have fun and exciting excursions with lots of sun and beautiful beaches. Hawaii has six islands awaiting their honeymoon. Because there is sunshine, sand and adventure around every corner. Not to mention there are plenty of all-inclusive resort packages to choose from. Enjoy snorkeling or sunset cruise on beautiful surroundings together. So the Hawaiian Islands are one of the best places for couples to go on their honeymoon.


Best honeymoon destinations in the world
Best honeymoon destinations in the world


Best honeymoon destinations in Paris:

What could be more excited than a honeymoon in Paris? Visit the heart of France, enjoy wine tasting, romantic dining and the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Because Paris is romantic and relaxing. Consider enjoying a cup of coffee at a quaint café and watching the world go by while you and your love of life enjoy your time together in one of the most romantic cities in the world. If you want to experience a slower, classic honeymoon, Paris might be exactly what you are looking for.

Best honeymoon destinations in Las Vegas:

Whether you know it by “Sin City” or “The City That Never Sleeps,” Las Vegas is the perfect honeymoon destination for the adventurous couple who don’t mind missing out on a few nights of a good night’s sleep. Hotels across town are offering amazing packages for the newlyweds. Your honeymoon will never be boring in Vegas, even if you aren’t a fan of games at the many casinos in the strip. Enjoy first-class museums, shows, shopping and fast-paced nightlife.

Florida / Walt Disney World:

For the young-hearted happy couple, Orlando Florida and Walt Disney World might be the adventure you’re looking for. Magic kingdom is not only magic for kids. Because newlyweds love the thrills that Disney has to offer. So Florida has great opportunities for those who want an unforgettable honeymoon and want to stay in the United States. Enjoy a stay at one of the beautiful on-site resorts of Walt Disney World and enjoy its theme parks, including Pleasure Island: sections of Downtown Disney with great shopping for unique wedding favors etc., and dine too. Walk outside the Disney estate and find a city full of amazing ways to spend time. Try dinner theater, mini golf, or even skydiving. It’s all available every day in Orlando.


If sunshine and surfing aren’t something of your interest as a couple, then consider enjoying some of the historic sites in London, England. Visit historical sites like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Tower of London, or visit some of the most beautiful castles that have been built. You can even see the famous Globe Theater and enjoy some great shopping in the London markets. Because London is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world for the laid-back and romantic couple who want to see some great pieces of history.

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Romantic Orlando honeymoon accommodations and activities for honeymooners
Romantic Orlando honeymoon accommodations and activities for honeymooners

Florida’s temperate climate makes Romantic Orlando honeymoon as an ideal honeymoon destination. After the stress of planning a dream wedding, couples can relax in the knowledge that they’ll be surrounded by Orlando’s beautiful tropical foliage, warm weather, and access to almost any vacation activity they can imagine. theme parks, golf, dining, shopping, antiques, water and adventure sports, art galleries and museums, the list goes on and on.

Romantic Orlando important thing:

An important consideration for creating the ideal post-wedding escape is the matter of where to stay. So Orlando has many hidden gems to offer including the availability of vacation homes. Located in the heart of Orlando’s resort area, these private residences are professionally managed and maintained and offer newlyweds privacy, comfort, and close proximity to attractions and activities.

So with the decision as to where to stay out of the way. So the newlyweds can enjoy some of the most romantic activities Orlando has to offer.



Romantic Orlando honeymoon accommodations and activities for honeymooners
Romantic Orlando honeymoon accommodations and activities for honeymooners


Romantic Orlando Magic Sunrise ballooning:

Newlyweds often feel as though they are floating on air, and now they truly can. Magic Sunrise Ballooning offers sunrise flights with amazing views of Central Florida’s hundreds of lakes and waterways and a bird’s eye view of the attractions. Because a champagne celebration completes a very special experience.

Enjoy the tranquil moonlit waters of the St Johns River during an evening dinner cruise on the River ship Romance. Dinner, drinks, and dancing make for a memorable evening.

Shopping and Dining:

For fine shopping and dining, a stroll along historic Park Avenue in Winter Park provides a leisurely afternoon. So this casually elegant locale offers one-of-a-kind boutiques, well known shops, sidewalk cafes, inspired dining, and museums. Such as the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum, home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Couple Massage:

Work out post-wedding stress with a couple’s massage or a facial at one of the area’s world-class spas including the Ritz-Carlton Spa, Waldorf Astoria Spa by Guerlain, or the Grand Floridian Spa and Health Club.


Or, stay in and enjoy some alone time with cozy breakfasts in bed, swimming in a private pool, the comfort of a home away from home. A vacation home is the ideal honeymoon accommodation.

Orlando vacation homes offer convenience and flexibility not found elsewhere. Because Honeymooners will enjoy the ability to come and go from romantic excursions or activity-filled theme park days to a conveniently located home equipped with a full kitchen, laundry facilities and a pool all the amenities needed for a perfect honeymoon.


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Stress free honeymoon
Stress free honeymoon

Marriage is full of good wishes, parties and hustle and bustle! It’s all beautiful for some time. In the end, the new couple especially wants comfort and fun. Hence the honeymoon! Time should be taken to ensure that it becomes an unforgettable trip. Stress free planning a few months in advance ensures availability and the best deals on the most popular destinations. Many couples find that they prefer to go on a largely “pre-planned” itinerary, and there are a number of traditional honeymoons that offer these packages. It should be up to both people to choose the place, budget and appointment time.

Traditional tried and tested honeymoon packages are available for a variety of reasons.


Stress free honeymoon
Stress free honeymoon


Stress-free budget:

 Different budget problems can be solved because packages can often be changed to suit each couple’s needs.

Stress-free planning:

Newlyweds can focus their time before the big day on planning the wedding and whatever it takes, rather than the details of their honeymoon. When the wedding is over, the newlyweds can focus on each other and have a well-planned and fun vacation.

Below, we discuss just a few of the traditional honeymoons that offer varying degrees of comfort.

All-inclusive resort:

Many new couples choose an all-inclusive resort for their honeymoon. There are several spas available. Some even strictly accommodate honeymoons! However, there are also all-inclusive resorts that accept whole families or couples just looking for a worry-free vacation. Usually the honeymoon is on an island or beach and the agenda is to meet the needs of any visitor. Vacationers pay no extra cost for meals, activities, trips or even gratuities. The extra rest is often a deal breaker for many couples who want to spend stress-free time planning and enjoying their honeymoon.


Cruises are also very popular honeymoons for many newlyweds. It offers luxury and the ability to fly to one or more destinations as an added bonus. In most cases, everything is included in the price of the trip. It is a good idea for the couple to ask specifically if there are additional costs before sailing. The newlyweds can travel as far or as soon as they want. They can visit Alaska as easily as Jamaica and this is a great bonus for those who really want to see new places and faces on their honeymoon. Plus, most cruise ships offer rates for every budget.

Walt Disney World:

Another way for newlyweds to find vacation packages that reduce planning is Disney’s Fairytale Honeymoons. Again, the prices of these homes vary and the diversity leads to many different economic situations. They generally include stays at one of the exclusive Disney resorts as well as access to their theme parks. These can be of particular interest to those who want to take a more practical approach to planning their trip.

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Disney World as a Honeymoon Destination
Disney World as a Honeymoon Destination

Most people think of Disney World as a place to take children. But more and more newlyweds are discovering that the happiest place on earth is also a great place to celebrate their honeymoon.

Take a honeymoon at Disney World:

It’s not always cheap to stay in Disney World, but still it is cheaper than going on a cruise or on your way to a place like Fiji. If you cannot afford your holiday on your own. Why not set up a honeymoon log where guests can donate to the honeymoon fund or even decide where they want to spend the money. Even if you do not withdraw the full amount. This can be a great way to lower the cost of this exciting vacation.


Disney World as a Honeymoon Destination
Disney World as a Honeymoon Destination


Where to stay in Disney World:

There really is nothing as luxurious or romantic as a stay at a first-class Disney resort. While many of the hotels on the Disney property are geared towards children. So you will find Animal Kingdom Lodge is the perfect place for a happy couple. Book a room overlooking the savannah where you can watch giraffes wandering outside your window in the morning for a truly romantic getaway.

What do you do in Disney World:

Disney World does not lack activities for adults. For a fabulous honeymoon, look to do more than just hop on your favorite roller coaster! An afternoon at the spa may be the only thing to relax and prepare for a romantic evening after a day in the garden. Enjoy a massage, facial or even a pedicure for the ladies. This gives men some alone time – which is important, even in a newlywed’s happiness.

Special features:

Disney often features specials of Cirque du Soleil and other famous acts that make the evening activity perfect. Book in advance though, and these tickets tend to travel fast. You can find out what offers are shown in advance while you are there. Within the parks, there are often evening parades and light shows as well. Which can be a fun catch to catch and the perfect opportunity to cuddle a bit in the cooler evening.

Night parties:

At night, if you are in a party mood, you can go to one of the nightclubs on the Disney Estate and dine at one of the dozens of great restaurants in Downtown Disney or the Disney Boardwalk. There are plenty of fine dining options and ensure that you get a wonderful experience while celebrating your honeymoon.

Whirlwind activities:

Be sure to take it slow, you are unlikely to participate in a whirlwind of activities throughout your honeymoon. It is a good idea to set a time to relax when you can be together, just the two of you and enjoy the fact that you are now married. It’s something that many people forget in their busy enjoyment of a Disney World themed honeymoon. But you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you leave some time on schedule.

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